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May 2016

Glastonbury – The Spiritual Supermarket

Overheard in Glastonbury Town

I can’t really take credit for this post. I’ve been busy this week, having a birthday, helping run an Angelic Healing Retreat Centre, organising the infrastructure for a field at Glastonbury Festival, booking pirate folk bands for Tewkesbury Medieval Re-enactment, arranging for this blog to be self hosted and failing to go to the Bardic Trials at the Assembly Rooms because it was just one thing too many. I needed some post content that wouldn’t take too much brain power.

I had some some examples of things I’d overheard in Glastonbury already written down and thought they’d make a good start to a post: Continue reading “Overheard in Glastonbury Town”

I hope you find this Tourist Map informative and useful on your trip to Glastonbury Town.
I must credit Phil Lucas whose idea I’ve pinched, see his map ‘Know Where to Sit on Brighton Beach’.

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The Raw and the Cooked – Food in Glastonbury

When I was a kid it was enough to be vegetarian, the hardcore became vegan, now in Glastonbury Raw Food is all the rage. For those who endeavour to ascend beyond the carnal altogether there is Breatharianism. I became a vegetarian at the age of 16, I’d like to say it was out of some great moral principle, but actually it was because some boy I fancied was vegan and I thought I might work up to that. Continue reading “The Raw and the Cooked – Food in Glastonbury”

The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd. Music Hall in Glastonbury.

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